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Terminal Units

The Titus Revit models have been optimized to show all the basic information that the engineer needs without weighing down the model. There is a careful balance between providing information and making the file size so large that it hampers performance of the software. Revit and related 3rd party applications require the model to pass information to them to fully utilize their capabilities. Another benefit to the official Titus Revit models is that we created the models with these shared parameters in mind.

Our Revit models will have many shared properties that will work with Revit features, such as the schedule generator which can pull information from the drawings to create the VAV box schedule. The Revit Schedule / Quantity command can list every instance of the type of element, in our case VAV boxes, that to be scheduled, by extracting the shared properties from our models.

Titus files for Revit MEP 2009/2010

Download the Titus rfa files to manually load into the Project Browser

Click here to download all of the Titus Terminal Unit rfa files
Terminal Unit Models
Single Duct DESV
Single Duct Exhaust DECV
Dual Duct DEDV
Dual Duct DMDV
Series Fan Box DTFS
Fantom Series Fan Box DTFS-F
Parallel Fan Box DTQP
Series Fan Box DTQS
Low-Height Parallel Fan Box DFLP
Low-Height Series Fan Box DFLS
UFAD Series Fan Box DLHK
UFAD Booster Fan Box DPFC

Install the Titus Menu for auto loading content into the Project Browser

This download will install a menu option in Revit MEP called Titus Content. The menu will be placed on your toolbar.
Also, all new models will be first added to the Titus Content Menu and then offered as an rfa file above.

Click here to Download and install the Titus 2009 Content Menu
Click here to Download and install the Titus 2010 Content Menu

*Both 32 bit and 64bit versions are included*

***** Titus Revit Content is Free. No registration is required ******