Recessed Passive Chilled Beam
CBPR passive beams are designed for recessed installation above a false ceiling. The false ceiling could be an architectural cloud type or even a perforated panel in a conventional lay-in ceiling grid. The CBPR beams are supplied with an additional skirt below the unit’s coil that is designed to further enhance the convective current through beam augmenting performance. Beams should be installed with the skirt in contact with the top side of the false ceiling.
  • Provides comfortable, effective sensible cooling to the space
  • Ultra quiet, natural convection driven operation
  • Perforated or Linear Bar Grille options for exposed models
  • Exposed, recessed or concealed installation
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Available in nominal lengths up to 10 feet
  • ½” Sweat or ½” MNPT coil connections