Floor Mounted Displacement Chilled Beam
Installed along building perimeters to best handle extreme temperatures where they start – from the outside in - the TAO (Temperature Ambient Optimizer) provides superior thermal comfort in areas where high ventilation loads are needed, such as educational facilities and theaters. It combines the benefits of both chilled beam and displacement units, rolled into one system perfect for extreme climates.

Ideal for use in classrooms and theaters where air quality and sound are critical, the TAO supplies 100% outside air while meeting ANSI Standard S12.60 for acoustics in educational facilities.
  • Perfect system for extreme climates
  • ideal for use in classrooms and/or similar environments
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Low noise levels, conforms to ANSI Standard S12.60
  • Designed to fit below windowsills
  • Multiple 5 or 6ft. units can be connected in series