Axiom Building 3-sided Perimeter pocket with slotted diffuser face plate
TBD-30 Submittal
TBD-80 Submittal
EOS Submittal
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Titus Perimeter Slot Diffusers

for Armstrong® Axiom Ceilings

The Axiom Building Perimeter System from Armstrong Ceilings is a perimeter solution that accommodates the transition between the interior of a building's perimeter and the ceiling plane. This pre-engineered solution includes a diffuser face plate with rectangular slots for the integration of linear diffusers. Diffusers are mounted on top of the face plate and discharge air through the slots. For perimeter applications, a diffuser with bi-directional air flow should be used. The diffuser should discharge the air in a vertical pattern down the perimeter wall for heating applications and in a horizontal pattern along the ceiling plane for cooling applications.

Titus has three bi-directional linear diffusers that can be used in the Armstrong AXIOM perimeter system:

  • ¾” TBD-30 modulinear, high performance slot diffuser
  • ¾” TBD-80 single blade, high performance slot diffuser
  • EOS ambient light-powered diffuser

The TBD-30 and TBD-80 models in a 2-slot configuration can be used with the AXIOM 2-slot face plate. The EOS should be used with the Axiom 1-slot face plate system. All three linear diffusers provide bi-directional air discharge with excellent performance.

For more information: Armstrong Axiom Ceiling Systems