At Titus, we strive to provide you with the latest information to keep you ahead of the competition. By listening to our customers and those they serve, we have gained a better understanding of the needs which we must focus on and can best satisfy. Our business purpose is to serve our customers and the HVAC industry as a whole.
Engineering Corner Blog
The Engineering Corner Blog is a unique way our Chief Engineers and other Titus personnel communicate with you on the latest news and events in the HVAC community. We hope you find the information helpful.

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FMA Wiring Diagrams
We recognize that terminal units can use a wide variety of control options. We have compiled a list of FMA Wiring Diagrams that allows you to select the right control for the terminal unit in your application.

Click here - FMA Wiring Diagrams
Pallet Quantity
To see the product pallet sizes and quantities by plant, please download the pdf below
Titus Pallet QTY
Pallet sizes will vary by plant and product.
Buy American
Titus products are fabricated at the several US locations listed on the pdf below. We are in full compliance with the “Buy American” provision as required under the American Recovery and Reinvestment ACT (ARRA) of 2009.
Buy American
For customer who want to buy American made only products
TU Weights
The terminal unit weights contains vital info on the sizes, weights and other specific configurations for Titus terminal units.
Terminal Unit Weights Section
Please find the Titus terminal unit weights information below.
Landing Pages
We have additional landing pages designed to highlight specific products or services. Please take a moment to review the additional resources we have available.
Website designed with specific tools for architects. It includes software, teaching resources, energy savings info, and products.
Helios was designed to provide a whole new degree of comfort.
This web page has systems that improve the healthcare environment while reducing operational costs.
VENTUS LUX is an integrated chilled beam that artfully combines air, water and light into one unique air device.
The Axiom Building Perimeter System from Armstrong Ceilings is a perimeter solution that accommodates the transition between the interior of a building's perimeter and the ceiling plane.
White Papers
Titus white papers
Titus White Papers
White papers created to help solve industry issues relevant to HVAC. We hope you find this information useful.