TEAMS is a Windows based engineering design tool allowing application-based selection of grilles, registers, diffusers, VAV terminals, and fan coils for commercial HVAC systems. The TEAMS installation includes all of the Titus air distribution selection software suite of products:

  • TEAMS version 9.5.60 has TUs, GRDs, Displacement Ventilation, Chilled Beams, Fan Coils, Blower Coils, and Air Handlers.

TEAMS dynamically calculates a range of products that will operate at user-specified conditions, allowing the design engineer to pick the best fit for the application. It contains a water coil performance calculator, and an AHRI standard acoustic engine that can calculate NC levels. TEAMS also saves selected products to a schedule which can be exported to Excel to use in your AutoCad drawings.

Download TEAMS

(If you have an older version of TEAMS, TEAMS 9 will convert your Project files to the latest version. TEAMS is a Windows based software only, we do not have a Mac based alternative available at this time.)

Watch the videos for more information about using TEAMS

Fan Coil Selection Video
Terminal Unit Selection Video
ACB Select Tool Tutorial

If you have TEAMS version 9.5.57 or older, please download and install TEAMS from this web site.

Please view the document below to see current issues with TEAMS.