Product Spotlight
TJD - Low Flow Architectural Diffuser
Titus has a solution for new low energy codes that employ the “Power of off” philosophy. The TJD is our architectural diffuser with an engineered nozzle distribution manifold that provides great throw patterns and high mixing under extremely low airflow that would dump from any other conventional ceiling diffuser.

The TJD is perfect for buildings employing dedicated outside air distribution systems, spaces with low loads and or intermittent occupancy, such as exam rooms, basically any space that require low airflow density.
Featured Resource
Chilled Beams to Eliminate Reheat Webinar
Our final webinar for 2017 will focus on Chilled Beams to Reduce or Eliminate Reheat. It will be held on November 14-15.

With a primary focus centered around Labs and Healthcare applications, our chief engineers will explore all aspects of this engaging topic. We look forward to interacting with you. To sign up for one of these sessions, click the link below. There are 4 webinars to choose from.

Learn More - Chilled Beams Webinar Registration
New Development
Office Spaces TV - Project Innovate
Titus was featured on the latest episode of Office Spaces - Project Innovate, on Sunday, October 8th. It showcased our training abilities, the Helios & VENTUS LUX products.

Office Spaces highlights brands, their innovations and how they transform building spaces into new environments, both aesthetically and functionally - making the occupants work space safer and better. The show airs Sundays at 4pm CST. Check with your local provider for broadcast channel info.

Click here - Titus HVAC on Office Spaces

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