Product Spotlight
TVM Ventilation Supply Module
The Titus TVM sends large amounts of air into the occupied space and is perfect for jobs that require this feature. If you have a distribution center, warehouse, gym or similar project on your schedule, get to know the TVM!

Click here - TVM Ventilation Supply Module
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Titus Tech Talk
The all new blog is dedicated to bringing you a variety of rich content on the products, standards and processes related to air distribution and HVAC.

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Featured Resource
Sensible Cooling Fan Terminal Selection Software & Engineering Guide
The new DLSC sensible cooling fan terminal selection tool allows engineers to select units by simply entering the zone loads (sensible/latent cooling, heating) and ventilation rates.
The Excel™ based software will calculate the fan terminal air flow, water flow rates and unit size/configurations automatically, resulting in far faster selections than conventional software programs.

Click on the links below to access our new DLSC selection tools.

Click here - DLSC Selection Software

Click here - DLSC Selection Software Video Tutorial

Click here - DLSC Design & Application Guide