Product Spotlight
TJD - Low Flow Architectural Diffuser
Titus has a solution for new low energy codes that employ the “Power of off” philosophy. The TJD is our architectural diffuser with an engineered nozzle distribution manifold that provides great throw patterns and high mixing under extremely low airflow that would dump from any other conventional ceiling diffuser.

The TJD is perfect for buildings employing dedicated outside air distribution systems, spaces with low loads and or intermittent occupancy, such as exam rooms, basically any space that require low airflow density.
Featured Case Study
Steinbach Regional Secondary School
The renovated Steinbach Regional Secondary School in Steinbach, MB, is assisting the faculty with a great lesson for the students on the environment and the positive impact buildings can have. To learn more, click the link below.

New Development
Titus Healthcare White Paper
Titus has a featured white paper on the ASHRAE Journal website. The topic is Healthcare and Energy Savings: An HVAC Approach

For hospitals and other healthcare facilities, power systems can never be allowed to flatline. It is this “always on” setting that keeps patients alive, provides reliable access to vital electronic health records, and ensures that medical staff can perform life-sustaining work 24/7. But all that energy expenditure comes at a steep price.

Click here - Titus Healthcare White Paper