Product Spotlight
Revolution TFX Modular Air Handler
The new Revolution TFX is exactly what you need for your next office, government or educational project. With an airflow range up to 30,000 cfm and a highly configurable cabinet, the Revolution allows you to customize the unit to suit your needs.
Featured Case Study
Amber Trails Community School
The Amber Trails Community School is the newest and most welcomed addition to the neighborhood. Unlike most early education facilities, this school meets the demands of many people by serving as a multipurpose building. The school not only houses the kindergarten though eighth grade students, but also serves as a daycare and public library for the neighborhood in which it was built in Winnipeg.
New Development
Redefine Your Comfort Zone Commercial
Most people and companies alike are afraid to step out of their comfort zone & fear change. At Titus, we understand that as businesses and technology evolve, we must evolve to meet the growing needs of our customers. Watch our new commercial to see how Titus is approaching the world today.