Product Spotlight
Helios - Solar-Powered VAV Digital Diffuser
Helios is a new line of digital diffusers powered by ambient light. It automatically delivers just the right amount of warm or cool air using a unique digital logic system for more accurate temperate bands. Feel the difference in your comfort, see the difference in your energy bills.

Helios now comes with a wireless thermostat and postmaster for even greater control and comfort. One thermostat can power up to 15 diffusers in a single zone.

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Featured Webinar
Chilled Beams and Lighting Systems
Join us June 12-13 for our next webinar which will cover Chilled Beams and Lighting Systems. This session will focus on integrated lighting fixtures and chilled beam devices blending into a seemless and functional system. We look forward to interacting with you.

There are four opportunities to view this webinar, please use the link below to navigate to the page and select the one that best meets your schedule.

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New Development
Titus Healthcare White Paper
Titus has a featured white paper on the ASHRAE Journal website. The topic is Healthcare and Energy Savings: An HVAC Approach

For hospitals and other healthcare facilities, power systems can never be allowed to flatline. It is this “always on” setting that keeps patients alive, provides reliable access to vital electronic health records, and ensures that medical staff can perform life-sustaining work 24/7. But all that energy expenditure comes at a steep price.

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