Product Spotlight
TJD - Low Flow Architectural Diffuser
Titus has a solution for new low energy codes that employ the “Power of off” philosophy. The TJD is our architectural diffuser with an engineered nozzle distribution manifold that provides great throw patterns and high mixing under extremely low airflow that would dump from any other conventional ceiling diffuser.

The TJD is perfect for buildings employing dedicated outside air distribution systems, spaces with low loads and or intermittent occupancy, such as exam rooms, basically any space that require low airflow density.
Featured Resource
Titus VR - The Future is Here
Titus VR is the latest innovation to hit the HVAC industry. It allows us to showcase our products, services and teach complete hvac systems from a whole new perspective - the virtual world.

With the ability to transport viewers into any building space to see how systems work, our VR will transform how HVAC industry professionals experience training.

To learn more about the advantages of Titus VR or schedule a visit, click the link below.

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New Development
Helios - VAV Digital Diffuser
Helios is a brand new line of digital diffusers powered by ambient light. It automatically delivers just the right amount of warm or cool air using a unique digital logic system for more accurate temperate bands.

Feel the difference in your comfort, see the difference in your energy bills. When it comes to VAV diffusers, it's time to see the light.

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