Product Spotlight
TVM Ventilation Supply Module
The Titus TVM sends large amounts of air into the occupied space and is perfect for jobs that require this feature. If you have a distribution center, warehouse, gym or similar project on your schedule, get to know the TVM!

Click here - TVM Ventilation Supply Module
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Titus Tech Talk
The all new blog is dedicated to bringing you a variety of rich content on the products, standards and processes related to air distribution and HVAC.

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Featured Resource
VAV Diffuser Engineering Guide
HVAC systems designed around VAV diffusers allow every room within the building to be fitted with thermal controls and therefore eliminates the control compromises inherent with traditional VAV systems.

To learn more about how VAV Diffusers can enhance comfort and save energy, click on the link below to view our NEW VAV Diffuser Engineering Guide

Click here - VAV Diffuser Engineering Guide

Click here - Designing VAV Diffuser Systems Webinar