We take pride in producing and providing you with high quality marketing collateral that promotes our innovative brand of HVAC products. At Titus, we want to answer the question before it gets asked and it is our sincere hope that the abundance of literature we provide details sufficient information about the products or services we offer.
Our brochure offering is comprised of the latest and greatest marketing collateral available from Titus! We devoted several resources to ensure our literature provides you with essential details pertaining to our product offering.
Architectural Brochures
Our architectural brochures are designed to illustrate how Titus products seemlessly integrate into any application while delivering superior performance.
Color & Finish Brochures
The Color and Finish Chart is the best way to see what finishes our products are available in. If you would like to see a sample of the finish, please contact us.
Product Focus Books
Our Product Focus Books highlight one product and provides greater detail as to how this product can be beneficial to your next application.
Sales Brochures
Since 1946, Titus has been a leader in the HVAC industry. We've created several brochures to illustrate our latest innovations in technology, our history and our commitment to Green Buildings and beyond.
Case Studies
No one building is alike, yet many share similar characteristics and purposes for their design. At Titus, we approach every project as a unique piece of art that has its own purpose for existence. The case studies featured in this section are a small sampling of how our products contributed to the overall design process from concept to completion. Many of the buildings in this section are LEED Certified buildings in which Titus products helped to achieve.
Airports were once considered as only the gateways in which we pass to get to new destinations. Now, these structures are impressive architectural buildings with Green Building concepts incorporated throughout.
Case Study Application Books
No one project is the same. Over the years we have addressed similar projects with different solutions. Now all those solutions are together in one book for you and your clients. Our Case Study Project Books offer different solutions to address the same project type.
Colleges / Universities
Colleges & Universities have always played an instrumental role in our society. Titus has partnered with several schools to help create some breathtaking buildings.
Corporate Headquarters
Titus is the preferred HVAC provider for many of today's top leading companies. They have entrusted us with the comfort level of their most valuable asset - their employees. Our solutions have assisted them to create excellent working environments that not only promote healthy work spaces, but to also grow their businesses.
Critical Environment
HVAC is an important factor in critical environment applications. Select a case study below to see how our products perform in these sterile and safe environments.
Culture Venues
Museum & theaters make up a huge portion of the culture we experience in society. Today, these new venues are state-of-the-art facilities that provide unique interactions and experiences for all. Our case studies highlight the features of the facility and showcase our products in a very different light.
Government Buildings
Government buildings are being renovated or built more and more today. Green Building design has been the main focus of our nation for quite some time and will continue into the future. Titus products not only provided superior performance, but also helped these buildings achieve LEED certification.
K-12 Education
School districts and higher education institutions are becoming more and more environmentally aware and have even incorporated Green Building concepts into their curriculum. Titus is the preferred company in either retrofitting existing structures or providing solutions for new buildings. Our case studies illustrate many options for school districts to choose from.
Many libraries have trusted us to provide air distribution for their new facilities. The case studies below illustrate an in-depth look into the overall design process.
Sporting Venues
Case studies of Titus products placed in facilities that showcase athletic events.
Titus has manuals available for a variety of products. We do this minimize errors and to ensure your experience with our products is second to none. We provide Installation Manuals, LEED Green Building related material, and other documents related to Green products.
Application Guides
Application Guides
Engineering Guides
Titus Engineering Guides are designed to provide detailed product information to better assist you with your current or next project application. We hope you find the information useful.
Installation and Operation Manuals (IOM)
Titus has manuals available for a variety of products. We do this minimize errors and to ensure your experience with our products is second to none. We provide Installation Manuals, LEED Green Building related material, and other documents related to Green products.
In a culture and environment driven by technology, having the right tools readily accessible are a vital piece to continued success. At Titus, we have made every effort to provide that for you. This section contains several PowerPoint presentations about Titus products and services, Green Building design and new innovations in the HVAC industry. Take a moment to see what Titus has to offer.
Sales Presentations
If you've missed any of our sales presentations, please review this section. You must be logged in to see files for this area.
    Titus has several pieces of literature available to further illustrate and promote our products. Each flyer/ad is unique and provides a more in-depth look into what makes our products the best in the industry. Here is a small sample of the literature available throughout the website.
    Additional Sales Flyers
    Sales and marketing collateral created to promote Titus innovations.
    Fan Coils / Air Handler Flyers / Blower Coils Flyers
    Sales and marketing collateral designed to promote fan coils, air handlers and blower coil flyers.
    GRD Product Flyers
    Sales and marketing collateral designed to promote Titus grille & diffuser products.
    Security Solution Flyers
    Security Solution sales collateral designed to promote Titus products for different types of security applications. Contact your local Titus representative for more information.
    Terminal Unit / VAV Flyers
    Sales and marketing collateral designed to promote Titus' innovative terminal units, controls and accessory products.
    UFAD / Chilled Beam / Displacement Ventilation Flyers
    Sales and marketing collateral designed to promote underfloor, chilled beam and displacement ventilation products.
    The Titus Product Catalog is the #1 catalog in air distribution. It contains information on Titus products and solutions as well as extensive Engineer Guideline sections on the following: grilles & diffusers, terminal units, fan coils, and acoustics. Chilled beam, displacement ventilation and underfloor air distribution systems are also featured in the Titus Catalog.

    Contact your local Titus Representative for more information.

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    Catalog Engineering Guidelines
    Engineering Guidelines for the Titus catalog for referencing acoustics, diffusers, fan coils, and terminal units.
    Quick Reference Guide Assets
    The Quick Reference Guide is a new mini catalog that delivers an at-your-glance-view of all Titus product lines. It is ideally suited for showcasing our products to architects, engineers, contractors and building owners so they can realize the depth of product innovations at Titus.
      Section 1 - GRD Products
      Grilles & Diffusers Catalog Sections
      Section 2 - Terminal Unit Products
      Terminal Units Catalog Sections
      Section 3 - Green Building Products
      Energy Solutions Catalog Sections
      Section 4 - Water Source Products
      H2O Catalog Sections
      Rep Marketing Packets
      Rep Marketing Packets are designed to provide you with all you need to enhance your sales and marketing efforts for Titus products.
      THRC Marketing
      Sales collateral and assets designed to make marketing the Titus HEPA Room Cleaner (THRC) easier in your area. If you require additional assets not available in the packet, please reach out via our established communication channels.