Welcome to Titus, and thanks for your interest in our company. I invite you to learn more about us, what we do and what we can do for you.

As has been our legacy, we continue to advance every aspect of our business to meet the changing needs of our customers and HVAC professionals world wide. Our web site is no exception to that. We have changed the look, feel, functionality and content of our web site to better reflect the spirit of Titus and passion we have for serving the needs of everyone our products and services touch. At Titus our goal is very clear: to help the people who depend upon us by continuing to innovate and advance the science of air distribution. We are guided in this work by our commitment to building on opportunities that significantly improve the health, efficiency, comfort and aesthetics of the environments in which our products are used. We deliver on this through our unwavering commitment to a set of core values:
  • We are united by the passion we have for our work and caring for the people we serve
  • We are focused on long term commitments, not short term gains - building on our strong enduring heritage that invests in the future to address needs where they are the greatest
  • We set our sights on innovating solutions that advance the science of air distribution
  • We are intent on achieving the very best results for those we serve by setting and living by our own high standards
At Titus we have a more personal working environment because all employees are serving one another in a way that creates a sense of community similar to a sense of family. As such, our employees look upon their work not as an occupation, but a vocation...not a necessary chore for making a living, but an opportunity for personal development and fulfillment by serving the needs of one another and our direct and indirect customers. Why has Titus continued to lead the industry for over 60 years? Our employees are viewed as having unique individual value with dignity and worth independent of the work they do. Each employee has a real sense of unity and commitment to the other, each contributing their invaluable work, so that their collective efforts result in Titus continuing to set the standard for excellence in the industry. Titus dedicates itself to be a company which looks outward to the needs of HVAC professionals and the people they serve. This dedication is based on our mission: to help HVAC professionals deliver better products and services, and to make life better for those who use our products.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company. We sincerely look forward to serving you
Since 1946, Titus has always been at the forefront of innovation in the HVAC industry. A major factor in our success through the years is surrounding ourselves with proven industry professionals at varying levels of expertise. Our Speakers have several years of success and are here to assist you and your customers with your next project. Let's work together to find the HVAC solution you need to be successful.

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Nick Searle


nick.searle@titus-hvac.com / 678.943.5598

Nick Searle has 25 years HVAC application experience in a range of fields including noise control engineering, air distribution and air/water systems. Originally from the U.K. Nick has worked in the USA since 2006 supporting engineers, owners and architects with the design of chilled beam systems and has been involved with many of the first chilled beam systems to be installed in North America. Nick developed a chilled beam selection software program which allows engineers to fully automate the selection process and model the system design using various parameters quickly and accurately.
    Randy Zimmerman


    rzimmerman@titus-hvac.com / 972.212.4811

    Randy is a LEED Green Associate with more than 30 years of experience in HVAC product development and applications. He serves on numerous ASHRAE technical committees including TC 2.06 ‘Sound and Vibration Control’ and TC 5.03 ‘Room Air Distribution’. He has also participated in the development of new ASHRAE standards 195 ‘Method of Test for Rating Air Terminal Unit Controls’ and 200 ‘Method of Testing Active Chilled Beams’ and the updating of standard 130 ‘Method of Test for Air Terminal Units’. Randy also represents Titus in various AHRI product section committees and serves on the Technical Committee on Sound.
      Comfort Zone
      In order to develop, test and showcase our product offering to an ever-changing industry we created the Titus Comfort Zone. Its dual purpose is to serve as an interactive learning tool and a means of providing you with innovative solutions for the HVAC market. This state-of-the-art lab combined with our new training room is sure to meet your needs. The training room has the latest audio/visual equipment and a new display of Titus products.

      The new Titus laboratory is spread over 39,500 square-feet and is capable of providing a wide range of testing and mock-up services. It is filled with a wide array of technology and allows our guests to truly immerse themselves into all aspects of HVAC design.

      Take a virtual tour of the Comfort Zone on Google Maps!

      Click here - Comfort Zone Virtual Tour
      Chilled Beams Testing Chamber
      The Titus chilled beam test chamber is one of two test chambers located in the United States. It is used to conduct capacity testing in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 200, as well as research and development testing for our chilled beam product line. It features room-within-a-room construction with a conditioned buffer space that prevents heat transfer into or out of the inner test chamber. Precise instrumentation measures the operation conditions and delivered capacity of the unit under test. During testing the room temperature is maintained within 1oF through the use of load dummies. The energy used to maintain space temperature is measured as a validation of the measured capacity. The chamber also features automated control and data acquisition software which enables incredible precise test results at increased pace of testing.

      Click here - Chilled Beam Chamber Overview
        Critical Environment Lab
        The primary function of this room is to develop and model laminar flows in a cleanroom or laboratory setting that provides a cleansing air wash or an isolating air curtain. Physical site conditions can be modeled in the room to determine the effect of equipment placement on airflow patterns. Smoke can be easily introduced into the air stream by remote control and viewing windows are available on two sides of the room for observers. Test air is precisely delivered to a diffuser by a computer-controlled delivery system at a flow rate of up to 5,000 cfm. Isothermal, heated or chilled air can be supplied to any diffuser inside the critical environment room for a 30 degree F temperature differential. This room is frequently used to demonstrate a 12 x 12-foot SteriTec diffuser air curtain system.
        • Operating room ventilation
        • Fume hood for laboratory testing
        • Research lab ventilation
        • Critical environment kiosk
          Innovation Towers
          The Comfort Zone contains three innovative towers with a variety of product displays and interactivity built in. The main tower, and also the largest of the three towers, is the focal point of the lab. Positioned in the center of the tower is a touch screen table that allows the user to interact with our product offering in a unique way.

          The Samsumg SUR-40 table along with our custom-designed interface places several Titus products within reach.
          • Tower 1 - SUR-40 Touch Table Experience and Woodgrain Finishes featuring the Spectrum Diffuser
          • Tower 2 - Underfloor, VAV and Energy Solution products
          • Tower 3 - Chilled Beams, Radiant Ceiling Panels and Terminal Units
            InSitu Room 1
            Designed to be a 20’L x 12’W x 9’H room, the In-situ room is built with a 3’ plenum space allocated above its ceiling for terminal unit installations. With its commercial carpeting, drywall, mineral board ceiling tiles, light fixtures and t-bar grid ceiling construction, this room resembles a typical large office space and built per Cerami and Hines In-situ room specifications. An advanced B&K sound meter is dedicated to making high-precision noise measurements in this room. This room is frequently used for radiant and total sound mock-up tests requested by building owners, engineers and Titus reps.
            • Built with 3' plenum space above the ceiling
            • New sound measuring equipment
              InSitu Room 2
              This room is built next to the In-situ room #1. It is properly sized as a small office space. Room dimensions are 12’L x10’W x 9’H and it was built with the same construction style and plenum space of the other room. This room is added per Hines discharge sound test specifications.
              • Built with 3' plenum space above the ceiling
              • New sound measuring equipment
                Kiosk Stations
                Kiosk stations have been strategically placed throughout the entire Comfort Zone. The new kiosks aid in the overall learning and interactive experience by adding more content than what can be taught in the normal classroom setting. Podcasts, smoke test demonstrations and other marketing collateral are all available on the kiosk stations.
                • Smoke test demonstrations
                • Podcasts
                • Instructional videos
                • Product images
                  Reverb Room
                  Our new reverberation room is constructed larger in size (45’L x 25’W x 15’H) to allow sound testing per AHRI 220-2007. The room is acoustically isolated from the outside noise and vibration with room-inside-a-room construction and isolation base. Its sound measurement equipment is updated for more precise and highly repeatable testing. With the addition of custom made modular hydronic system, products with water cooling/heating coils can be tested for sound performance while units are operating at cooling and/or heating mode.
                  • Room-inside-a-room design
                  • New sound measuring equipment
                  • Modular hydronic system to test sound of chilled beams
                  • Kiosk station
                    Throw Room
                    The new Throw Room size has doubled in length and its dimensions are 80’L x 28’W x 9’H. With such an immense room available to test products, slot diffusers with long throw, large size displacement ventilation units and chilled beam products can now be tested with increased accuracy. An additional modular hydronic system enables us to test chilled beam and water sourced products while units are operating at cooling and/or heating mode. A 20ft x 40ft radiant floor heater is installed under the floor for better load control of the room during various performance testing.

                    Typical product tests include isothermal throw tests and isovel air pattern mapping in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 70.
                    • Radiant floor heating system
                    • Multiple diffusers can be tested
                    • Modular hydronic system for chilled beam testing
                    • Mock up environment
                    • Kiosk station
                    Underfloor Testing
                    The UFAD Room is also a multi-purpose test room used to demonstrate cold wall situations and underfloor products; and can be used as an auxiliary throw room. The room is equipped to demonstrate the air patterns created by various models of ceiling diffusers. Titus also utilizes thermal imaging to show the differences in the temperature during smoke test demonstrations.

                    Underfloor diffusers are floor mounted to simulate site installation and the test air is precisely delivered to the diffusers at a flow rate of up to 5,000 cfm. Site requirements for equipment and furnishings can be modeled for an accurate determination of airflow patterns and temperature mapping. The effects of sills and soffits on air diffusion against an external wall can be studied as well.
                    • Cold wall temperature adjustment (extreme cold or heat)
                    • Underfloor and ceiling diffuser testing
                    • Ability to create mock up environments to resemble real world installations
                    • Kiosk station
                    ISO Certificate
                    View the current ISO Certificate
                    Seismic Certification
                    View the current Seismic Certification
                    Our Legacy
                    Since 1946, Titus has focused on technologically advanced products that create the highest degree of comfort.

                    We’ve consistently led the industry by breaking the barriers of expectation and convention when it comes to technology. We’ve redefined how technology drives, influences and supports air management. And by being first to market with the most innovative approaches to air distribution, we’re proud to say that the marketplace has taken notice, and is counting on us to lead the way into the next decade. A challenge we’re more than happy to accommodate.

                    Titus has raised the bar on design, proving that functional can also be beautiful. And we’ve redefined what it means to be energy efficient, with a collection of smart technology products that optimize the use of natural resources.

                    Titus has also redefined what it means to work with an air management products partner. We pride ourselves on listening and responding so that we can not only meet expectations, but also exceed them. Service has been, and will always be, our main focus at Titus. And, it’s why so many of our customers keep coming back.

                    Welcome to your new comfort zone. It starts here.

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                      75th Anniversary
                      2021 marked the 75th year in business serving the HVAC community. Many years of product innovations and dedicated employees has helped to shape the Titus brand into the superior leader in management devices today. We look forward to many years of future success.
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                      Here are a few sales rep firms who have helped us along the way.