Critical Environment Monitor
The FMS-2000M Critical Environment Monitor is a BACnet® MS/TP is a monitoring solution that displays, measures and alarms for differential room pressure. The FMS-2000M is used to monitor critical environments like laboratories, patient rooms, and operating rooms. In addition to differential pressure, the FMS-2000M Critical Environment Monitor can display temperature, humidity, air flow, air changes and CO2 from the Building Automation System (BAS) for up to four spaces. The FMS-2000M is a great option if you do not require a full controller for a space.
  • Provides room status awareness with color-coded visual alarms both on screen and with the 360° Safety Halo edge lighting
  • Features a 5” high-definition touchscreen display and an intuitive user interface
  • The redesigned user interface features very intuitive menus and large, easy-to-read status and sensor readings
  • Easily tap through screens like using a smart phone
  • Includes an embedded QR code that leads to a short end-user tutorial video
  • A convenient way to monitor multiple spaces at one time, for example, an ante room and patient isolation room