Linear air curtain diffuser, material: 304 Stainless steel
LineaTec is a linear air curtain diffuser used to create an air curtain barrier between a clean zone and the balance of the room. The air curtain typically discharges 25 to 50 cfm per linear foot of slot. Flow rates of up to 100 cfm per linear foot of diffuser can be obtained with a two-slot LineaTec. LineaTec diffusers surround TLF diffusers in operating rooms to reduce internal contaminants in the operating theatre.
  • Provides a curtain of supply air
  • Blades have minimum adjustability to allow precise control of the air curtain angle
  • Optional round cornered plenums include 3/4" radius with a continuous weld, ground smooth
  • Excellent for use as a Perimeter Air Curtain in Clean Air Environments such as operating rooms