Ceiling Mounted Displacement Diffuser
The DVTL is a rectangular displacement diffuser with a one-way discharge pattern designed for lay-in ceiling grid mount applications. Constructed of galvanized steel and aluminum, the DVTL is designed to supply low velocity laminar flow evenly across the entire face from the ceiling into the occupied space with minimal room air induction. This model can contribute toward achieving LEED EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance; IEQc2: Increased Ventilation; and IEQc7.1: Thermal Comfort - Design.
  • Rectangular displacement diffuser with 1-way discharge designed for lay-in ceiling mount applications
  • Designed to supply small to medium volumes of air at low velocity to the occupied zone
  • Internal equalization baffle ensures even distribution through the entire face
  • Integral hanger bracket on each plenum corner
  • Round duct collar on top of unit
  • Material is galvanized steel and extruded aluminum face border
  • Standard finish is #26 white (powdercoat)