Single Duct Terminal Unit with Factory Mounted Valve Package
In addition to sharing the same configurations and quality construction as an ESV, the ESV-VP offers a factory-installed hot water coil valve package, making installation even easier. The ESV-VP valve package is assembled in a manufacturing setting giving you repeatable and reliable quality that otherwise may be difficult to replicate in a field setting without skilled labor. With multiple control options, construction options, and valve package configurations, the ESV-VP is flexible and saves time on installation.
  • Factory mounted valve package
  • 2 or 3-way control valve
  • On/off or Floating Point valve actuator
  • P/T ports
  • Isolation ball valves
  • Unions for easy replacements
  • (Optional) Auto flow control or Y-strainer w/blow off connection,
  • (Optional) Shipped loose valve package for easy installation using threaded union connections