Since 1946, Titus has always been at the forefront of innovation in the HVAC industry. A major factor in our success through the years is surrounding ourselves with proven industry professionals at varying levels of expertise. Our Speakers have several years of success and are here to assist you and your customers with your next project. Let's work together to find the HVAC solution you need to be successful.

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Nick Searle


nick.searle@titus-hvac.com / 678.943.5598

Nick Searle has 25 years HVAC application experience in a range of fields including noise control engineering, air distribution and air/water systems. Originally from the U.K. Nick has worked in the USA since 2006 supporting engineers, owners and architects with the design of chilled beam systems and has been involved with many of the first chilled beam systems to be installed in North America. Nick developed a chilled beam selection software program which allows engineers to fully automate the selection process and model the system design using various parameters quickly and accurately.
    Randy Zimmerman


    rzimmerman@titus-hvac.com / 972.212.4811

    Randy is a LEED Green Associate with more than 30 years of experience in HVAC product development and applications. He serves on numerous ASHRAE technical committees including TC 2.06 ‘Sound and Vibration Control’ and TC 5.03 ‘Room Air Distribution’. He has also participated in the development of new ASHRAE standards 195 ‘Method of Test for Rating Air Terminal Unit Controls’ and 200 ‘Method of Testing Active Chilled Beams’ and the updating of standard 130 ‘Method of Test for Air Terminal Units’. Randy also represents Titus in various AHRI product section committees and serves on the Technical Committee on Sound.