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Welcome to the new & improved Titus Multimedia Section. We have strived to create an interactive resource to fill all of your HVAC needs. Whether you require a smoke video demonstration or a video that promotes our latest innovation, this section was created to fill that need for you.
On Air
The Titus On Air newsletter has evolved into the leading HVAC resource for corporate communications. It is loaded with useful information about Titus, its products and how we impact the HVAC industry as a whole. Unlike the fluff in our competitor's literature, On Air strives to provide you with useful and rich content that can be utilized in your current project.

Featured Topics:
  • Product Spotlight
  • Green Building Design
  • Representative Spotlight
  • Application Engineering Corner
  • Employee Spotlight
Archived Editions
Older editions of our famed company newsletter
    Current Editions
    The current edition of our newsletter is filled with HVAC content ranging from our new chilled beam line to a feature on our chief engineers We hope you find it informative.
      Engineering Corner Articles
      The Engineering Corner articles are pulled from current and previous editions of the On Air newsletter. These articles are filled with rich content solutions that our knowledgeable staff of engineers pass along to consumers on a daily basis.
        In the previous editions sections, we have assembled several years of On Air newsletters that cover everything from diffuser smudging and chilled beams to displacement ventilation and energy-harvesting HVAC products.
        Smoke Videos
        The best way to see how our products perform is to simulate the environment in our state-of-the-art lab facility. We have compiled an extensive library of smoke videos of some of our industry proven products. We hope that you find the information useful.
        Chilled Beam Smoke Demonstrations
        Chilled Beams technology is taking the US market by storm and being applied in a variety of applications. From corporate headquarters to K-12 education facilities, chilled beams are one of the leading sources for air distribution in sustainable design.
          Critical Environment Smoke Demonstrations
          Having the proper air distribution in labs, cleanrooms and other critical environment spaces is extremely important. Titus is a proven leader in creating solutions to fulfill this need.
          Displacement Ventilation Smoke Demonstrations
          Displacement Ventilation is an emerging alternative for air distribution in the U.S. Titus offers many new products to meet or exceed your air distribution needs.
          GRD Smoke Demonstrations
          Titus offers many GRD products that have several different air patterns that will solve your air distribution problem. No matter the application, Titus has the solution to meet your needs.
          UnderFloor Smoke Demonstrations
          UnderFloor Air Distribution is a unique way of supplying airflow into the occupied zone. The Titus (UFAD) system uses the latest controls and products to meet any underfloor application requirement.
          VAV Smoke Demonstrations
          VAV models have been around for many years providing air distribution for all types of applications.
          Corporate Videos
          Since 1946, we at Titus have had the distinct privilege of building on a solid foundation of innovation, quality products, quality service and quality employees. Take a moment to see why we truly are The Leaders in Air Management.
          Titus Videos
          Please select the video from the list below.
          Installation Videos
          Installation videos are the best tool for learning how to utilize Titus products.
          Control Videos
          From time to time we are asked how to set up a new or older control for a terminal unit. Please view the videos below.
          Critical Environment Installation
          Healthcare and Critical Environment Installations have never been more vital than they are today. Our product IOMs are designed to help to minimize issues in the field with detailed instructions.
          GRD Installation
          From time to time ceiling installations can be challenging. Titus GRD product IOM videos provide great assistance with remedying potential issues for the installer. Select the video that best suits your needs.
          Revit Installation
          Incorporating Revit models may create issues at some point, please use the selections below for assistance.
          Underfloor Installation
          Underfloor applications can present new challenges if you are not familiar with the application. Please view the videos below to learn more about our products.
          VAV Installation
          VAV diffusers are featured more now in commercial buildings, please select the video below to learn more about how Titus has innovated this existing product line.