Smoke Videos
The best way to see how our products perform is to simulate the environment in our state-of-the-art lab facility. We have compiled an extensive library of smoke videos of some of our industry proven products. We hope that you find the information useful.
Chilled Beam Smoke Demonstrations
Chilled Beams technology is taking the US market by storm and being applied in a variety of applications. From corporate headquarters to K-12 education facilities, chilled beams are one of the leading sources for air distribution in sustainable design.
    Critical Environment Smoke Demonstrations
    Having the proper air distribution in labs, cleanrooms and other critical environment spaces is extremely important. Titus is a proven leader in creating solutions to fulfill this need.
    Displacement Ventilation Smoke Demonstrations
    Displacement Ventilation is an emerging alternative for air distribution in the U.S. Titus offers many new products to meet or exceed your air distribution needs.
    UnderFloor Smoke Demonstrations
    UnderFloor Air Distribution is a unique way of supplying airflow into the occupied zone. The Titus (UFAD) system uses the latest controls and products to meet any underfloor application requirement.
    VAV Smoke Demonstrations
    VAV models have been around for many years providing air distribution for all types of applications.