Titus Timeout Podcasts
Don't have time to watch a full webinar, then the Titus Timeout video podcasts are just for you. The weekly Khan Academy style videos are designed to be short discussions of HVAC topics. Ranging from 2 to 7 minutes, the initial videos will cover the basics of pressure, sound, throw, and VAV systems. Future videos will go more in depth into the application of these topics as well as displacement ventilation and chilled beam systems, engineering challenges like perimeter heating and comfort, and new products.

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2013 Podcasts
2014 Podcasts
Podcasts developed in 2014 to assist in air distribution training
2015 Podcasts
Podcasts developed in 2015 to assist in air distribution training
2016 Podcasts
Podcasts developed in 2016 to assist you with your air distribution journey.
2018 Podcasts
HVAC podcasts created to assist with learning and understanding of air distribution topics.