Our software is designed to make selecting Titus products for your applications as simple as possible.

TEAMS is a Windows based engineering design tool allowing application-based selection of grilles, registers, diffusers, VAV terminals, and fan coils for commercial HVAC systems. The TEAMS installation includes all of the Titus air distribution selection software suite of products:

  • TEAMS version 9.5.10 has TU VAV, Displacement Ventilation, Fan Coil, Blower Coil, Air Handler Selection
  • TEAMS version 6 GRD Selection

TEAMS dynamically calculates a range of products that will operate at user-specified conditions, allowing the design engineer to pick the best fit for the application. It contains a water coil performance calculator, and an AHRI standard acoustic engine that can calculate NC levels. TEAMS also saves selected products to a schedule which can be exported to Excel to use in your AutoCad drawings.

Download TEAMS

(If you have an older version of TEAMS, TEAMS 9 will convert your Project files to the latest version. TEAMS is a Windows based software only, we do not have a Mac based alternative available at this time.)

Watch the videos for more information about using TEAMS

Fan Coil Selection Video
Terminal Unit Selection Video
ACB Select Tool Tutorial

If you have TEAMS version 9.4 or older, please download and install TEAMS from this web site.

Mobile Tools
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      Welcome to TEAMSmobile! Smartphone devices have the ability to make VAV and reheat selections for Single Duct, Series, and Parallel Fan Powered Terminal Units from any location where they have internet access. Whether you are mobile, on the jobsite or visiting another office, you will be able to get the right-sized terminal unit for any application.

      TEAMSmobile provides you a quick result for a VAV selection. The selections are not saved for later use. Because of this, the application does not require as much information as the full TEAMS program to function. We have built it only to require the most critical information needed to provide you the desired result.

      Click here - TEAMSmobile
        AHU Selection Software
        The new Revolution TFX is exactly what you need for your next office, government or educational project. With an airflow range up to 30,000 cfm and a highly configurable cabinet, the Revolution allows you to customize the unit to suit your needs.

        Download the Revolution Selection and Pricing Software below.

        Version 15.02

        Update to version 15.03

        Update to version 15.04

        Update to version 16.01

        Update to version 16.00, but must have 15.04a installed to work

        Full install of 16.00
        Chilled Beam Selection Software

        We are excited to announce that the latest release of TEAMS now includes the best-in-class Titus Active Beam Selection tool (V2.1.2), improving the speed, accuracy, and ease of designing chilled beam systems with the most comprehensive line of chilled beam models in the industry. Improvements to this version of the selection tool include updated RapidSelect functionality and speed, refinements to the beam quantity calculator, and the addition of a schedule compiler and building summary tool.

        Please see the TEAMS Page to download the latest release of TEAMS.

        (ACB) Active Chilled Beams Selection Tool Tutorial

        Coil Pro Software

        Coil Pro Software is designed to select and estimate performance within the ranges specified in the Titus Fan coil catalog and by the AHRI-410 Standard and Operation manual. Coil Pro is also designed to calculate the performance of the Air Handler Units. Use this program to select and estimate the performance of following models:

        Fan Coil
        Air Handler
        HBC / HBP / HHE / HBR
        HHC / HHP / HHE
        VBC / VBA / VBF
        VBLC / VBL
        VSR SERIES
        HAB / VAB / RAB / MAB