Product Spotlight
CBAL - Active Linear Chilled Beam
CBAL’s are offered for both, cooling and heating, in 12- inch and 24-inch widths (shown above) and lengths from 2 to 10 ft. They can be easily integrated into different grids styles within a suspended ceiling or even in drywall ceilings. The low overall height of the CBAL product line is ideal for reducing the space required for false ceiling in any application.
Featured Case Study
Steinbach Regional Secondary School
The Steinbach Regional Secondary School is the latest and most welcomed addition to the neighborhood. Utilizing chilled beams as the primary source of air distribution, this school meets the demands of many people by serving as a multipurpose building. The school not only houses the 9th-12th grade students, but also serves as a daycare for the neighborhood.
New Development
Chilled Beams & Lighting Systems Webinar
Our last webinar of 2016 will cover Chilled Beams & Lighting Systems. It is scheduled for December 6-7. Please join chief engineer Nick Searle and CB product manager Matthew McLaurin as they lead the 4 sessions during this 2-day period.

Participants will learn about new innovations in chilled beams, lighting systems, and the best applications for this emerging technology and more during this webinar. Sign up today.

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