Radial Air Pattern, Steel Perforated Face and Steel Backpan for Critical Environment Applications
Titus TriTec diffusers are designed to meet the challenge of diluting airborne contaminants by supplying high-volume, low-velocity airflow to displace these impurities. The airflow pattern is designed to produce a uniform pattern to prevent dead spots where contaminants can linger. It is an excellent choice for ISO Class 6 to 8 spaces.
  • Face drops no more than 5/8-inch below the ceiling
  • Removable face for sanitizing, (no special tool required to remove the face
  • Available in 24 x 24 and 48 x 24 module sizes
  • Low velocity hemispherical (2-way) pattern or one-way pattern available
  • Great for use in fume hood areas
  • Standard earthquake tabs