Analog Underfloor Series Fan Powered Terminal
The LHK UnderFloor Fan Powered Terminal Unit is designed to be installed in the underfloor plenum of an access floor grid system. Constructed of a heavy steel casing that is leak resistant, the LHK contains an energy efficient fan motor. Like the PFC, the LHK fits within the modular pedestal systems of the raised floor and is available in various heights to fit under 12” through 18” raised floors.
  • Dual density insulation, coated to prevent erosion meets requirements of NFPA 90A and UL 181
  • Energy efficient fan motor, permanent split capacitor type, mounted in variation isolators
  • Pressure independent primary airflow control
  • Adjustable SCR fan speed control, with minimum voltage stop
  • Inlet Sizes: 9”, 10” / Unit Sizes: 3, 4