Ultra Clean, High Volume, Louvered Face, Cross Flow Air Diffusion Technology
TDCR models are designed to allow large volumes of filtered air to be supplied to the space in a 4-way cross-flow air pattern. Titus Series TDCR diffusers handle an unusually large amount of filtered air for a given pressure drop and noise level. Including snap-in, auto-centering filter retainers, the TDCR reduces the amount of time and effort during installation and removal of filters. This decreases the time a laboratory or anteroom is out of commission, allowing facilities to maximize profitability and patient care.
  • Ideal for installation in laboratory spaces and anterooms
  • Snap-in, tool-less filter installation and removal
  • Factory pressure tested
  • Fully welded construction option
  • Roomside accessible PAO challenge port option
  • Louvered face quickly removes by loosening quarter-turn fasteners
  • Retainer cables prevent the perforated face from falling after removal