Fire Rated TDCA Diffuser
Titus fire rated diffusers are UL classified and listed in Underwriters Laboratories Fire Resistance Directory. These diffusers meet UL time vs. temperature test criteria and NFPA 90A requirements. The TDCA-FR is a louvered face diffuser that harmonizes with different types of architectural ceilings. It handles a significant amount of air and performs well in VAV systems. The TDCA-FR has movable vanes, which are accessible from the face of the unit, to adjust air discharge patterns either vertically or horizontally.
  • UL Classified Fire Rated Ceiling Diffuser Assembly listed in The Underwriters Laboratories “Fire Resistance Directory”
  • Has a fire resistance rating of 3 hours or less when installed in accordance with the installation instructions
  • High capacity ceiling diffuser
  • Movable vanes, accessible from the face, adjust the vertical discharge pattern from horizontal to vertical
  • In the horizontal setting, the Model TDCA-FR maintains an unbroken horizontal flow pattern from maximum cfm down to minimum, making it an excellent choice for variable air volume applications
  • Core is removable from the face of the diffuser
  • Extremely flexible, with cores available for 1, 2, 3 or 4-way horizontal flow, in addition to the adjustable vanes
  • Material is heavy gauge steel