Fire Rated Steel Adjustable High Performance Square Diffuser
Titus fire rated diffusers are UL classified and listed in Underwriters Laboratories Fire Resistance Directory. These diffusers meet UL time vs. temperature test criteria and NFPA 90A requirements. Models TMS-FR and TMSA-FR have die-stamped cones with smooth, aerodynamically shaped surfaces and no corner joints. The TMSA-FR is an adjustable model that provides 360 degree radial airflow pattern at the horizontal setting and a long downward projection at full vertical setting.
  • UL Classified Fire Rated Ceiling Diffuser Assembly listed in The Underwriters Laboratories “Fire Resistance Directory”
  • Has a fire resistance rating of 3 hours or less when installed in accordance with the installation instructions
  • Includes adjustable vanes which vary the discharge pattern between horizontal and vertical
  • Delivers supply air in a true 360° pattern designed to protect ceiling from streaking and smudging
  • Excellent for variable volume systems
  • Uniform, jet maintains effective room air distribution even when the air volume varies over a considerable range
  • Consists of 3 concentric cones in all sizes uniformity designed to enhance appearance in installations where more than one size is involved
  • Adjustment of the optional volume adjustment damper is achieved without removing the inner cone
  • Quick removal of the inner cone with a hex key speeds installation
  • All cones are die-stamped, one-piece construction with smooth, clean surfaces and no corner joints
  • Material is heavy gauge steel