Underfloor Booster Terminal Unit for Perimeter Applications
The PFC was designed to be used as a booster unit for perimeter applications. The PFC fan powered terminal unit is designed to be installed between the pedestals in an underfloor system and installed in a floor 12” to 18” in height. This model can help contribute toward achieving LEED EA Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance; IEQ Credit 6.2: Controllability of Systems; Thermal Comfort, IEQ Credit 7.1: Thermal Comfort - Design, and if the building utilizes an existing structure, MR Credit 1.1: Building Reuse.
  • Energy efficient fan motor, permanent split capacitor type, mounted in variation isolators
  • Adjustable SCR fan speed control, with minimum voltage stop
  • Single point electrical connections
  • Ultra-high efficiency ECM motor available
  • Unit Sizes: 10, 14, 16