High Induction Aluminum Underfloor Diffuser
The TAFR-AA is designed for application in underfloor air distribution systems. All components are constructed of aluminum, including the basket portion, making it ideal for all levels of office traffic. The TAFR-AA is available in standard black or light gray. Additional colors and woodgrain finish options are also available to match any building’s interior scheme. This model can contribute towards achieving LEED Credits.
  • Designed for applications in pressurized underfloor air distribution systems
  • All aluminum construction, durable enough to resist foot traffic. Exceeds NFPA 90B requirements
  • Architecturally appealing face designs are available in standard black or gray color. Optional special colors are available upon request. Woodgrain finish options also available.
  • The trim ring’s extra wide flange is designed to prevent carpet from pulling away from the diffuser
  • Relocation to another area is simple by relocating that floor panel
  • Diffuser can be installed after flooring and carpet installation are complete
  • Converts easily from a swirl pattern to a displacement pattern (and vice versa) without moving floor panels or trim rings
  • TAFR-AA is UL Listed and meets NFPA 90A