Case Studies
No one building is alike, yet many share similar characteristics and purposes for their design. At Titus, we approach every project as a unique piece of art that has its own purpose for existence. The case studies featured in this section are a small sampling of how our products contributed to the overall design process from concept to completion. Many of the buildings in this section are LEED Certified buildings in which Titus products helped to achieve.
Airports were once considered as only the gateways in which we pass to get to new destinations. Now, these structures are impressive architectural buildings with Green Building concepts incorporated throughout.
Case Study Application Books
No one project is the same. Over the years we have addressed similar projects with different solutions. Now all those solutions are together in one book for you and your clients. Our Case Study Project Books offer different solutions to address the same project type.
Corporate Headquarters
Titus is the preferred HVAC provider for many of today's top leading companies. They have entrusted us with the comfort level of their most valuable asset - their employees. Our solutions have assisted them to create excellent working environments that not only promote healthy work spaces, but to also grow their businesses.
Critical Environment
HVAC is an important factor in critical environment applications. Select a case study below to see how our products perform in these sterile and safe environments.
Culture Venues
Museum & theaters make up a huge portion of the culture we experience in society. Today, these new venues are state-of-the-art facilities that provide unique interactions and experiences for all. Our case studies highlight the features of the facility and showcase our products in a very different light.
Government Buildings
Government buildings are being renovated or built more and more today. Green Building design has been the main focus of our nation for quite some time and will continue into the future. Titus products not only provided superior performance, but also helped these buildings achieve LEED certification.
K-12 Education
School districts and higher education institutions are becoming more and more environmentally aware and have even incorporated Green Building concepts into their curriculum. Titus is the preferred company in either retrofitting existing structures or providing solutions for new buildings. Our case studies illustrate many options for school districts to choose from.
Sporting Venues
Case studies of Titus products placed in facilities that showcase athletic events.