Stainless Steel Dome Face Radial Diffuser for Critical Environment Applications
The RadiaTec diffuser is designed to meet the challenge of diluting airborne contaminants by supplying high-volume, low-velocity airflow to displace these impurities. The airflow pattern is designed to produce a uniform pattern to prevent dead spots where contaminants can linger. In addition, the air pattern is tighter to the ceiling than competitive models to limit the air pattern penetration into the occupied zone.
  • Removable face for sanitizing, (no special tool required)
  • 2-way or 1-way diffusion pattern
  • Available in 24 x 24 and 48 x 24 module sizes
  • Great for use in fume hood areas
  • Optional HEPA filter rack available
  • Unique baffling inside diffuser assures even air distribution across entire face