Aluminum narrow blade grille with reversible fixed blade core parallel to short dimension
Titus reversible core, narrow blade grilles provide the option of a 15º or 5º blade deflection in the same grille. The core is easily removed using a detachable lever. These grilles are made of extruded aluminum construction. Also available with rear deflection blades.
  • With its deep, rigid aluminum blades and carefully contoured aluminum border, the TITUS 1700 Series offers a look of refinement backed with strength, versatility and superb performance
  • Core is easily removed with one pull on the detachable operating lever
  • 5/32” mounting holes are concealed inside the border, accessible by removing the core
  • Extreme flexibility in adjusting air flow patterns
  • The fixed blade core can be lifted out, then rotated or reversed, to give 4 different vertical deflection angles
  • In addition, the optional Model 07 back blades can be adjusted individually for various horizontal deflection angles
  • Material is extruded aluminum