Equalizing Grid for Round Neck Diffusers
Effective air balancing begins with the balancing provisions that are designed into the HVAC system. Titus balancing devices are easy to select and specify. They are designed for quick access and adjustment and are engineered for the least possible noise, turbulence and air resistance. Titus makes available published flow factors for all Titus diffusers. This allows precision balancing to be performed in the field with accuracy based on prior test results.
  • The Titus EG is a duct mounted equalizing grid used in round duct applications
  • Specially designed Titus vanes give maximum control of air flow with minimum noise and turbulence due to sizing and vane spacing
  • The EG balances the flow of air into the air duct
  • Vanes are individually adjustable with friction pivots to hold the desired settings and provide rattle free performance
  • Model EG is shipped loose for field installation
  • Material is steel with extruded aluminum blades