Fire Rated Plenum Slot Diffuser
Titus model TBD-FR is a UL classified fire rated plenum slot diffuser assembly listed in Underwriters Laboratories Fire Resistance Directory. Its design meets UL time-vs-temperature test criteria and NFPA 90A requirements. The TBD-FR can be used in three-hour fire rated, exposed grid, suspended ceilings.
  • Fire rated plenum slot diffuser designed to meet UL time-vstemperature test criteria, also NFPA 90A requirements
  • Aerodynamically curved blade design, projects a tight blanket of air across the ceiling, from minimum to maximum flow
  • Blanketing effect makes the TBD-FR an excellent choice for variable air volume operation, and has the extra advantage of minimizing smudges on ceiling
  • Pattern controller blades are installed at the factory for a fixed air flow direction as shown in the dimension drawing
  • Air flow direction of each blade can be changed in the field
  • Damper with fuse link
  • Design qualified by UL for use with hard or flex duct, also for ductless applications
  • 3-hour, or less, fire rated exposed grid, suspended ceilings
  • Choice of 3/4”, 1” or 11/2” slot width, 1 or 2 parallel slots
  • Available in 24”, 36”, 48” nominal lengths
  • Optional internal insulation
  • Material is steel