Pneumatic High Mixing Dual Duct Terminal
Titus Dual Duct terminals vary the airflow individually between hot and cold inlets for highly accurate temperature control. Dual duct systems are an ideal vehicle for alternative ventilation strategies and humidity control. Additionally, total filtration of all air delivered to the zone is possible. Titus dual duct terminals provide high performance and value, making them the preferred selection for these applications.
  • Heavy gauge steel housing
  • Mechanically sealed and gasketed, leak resistant construction
  • Less than 2% of nominal cfm at 1.5" sp wg
  • Dual density internal insulation, treated to resist air erosion
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 90A and UL 181
  • High performance mixing section
  • Gauge tees for cfm measurement
  • Choice of right hand or left hand cold duct location, right hand is standard
  • Rectangular discharge opening is designed for slip and drive cleat duct connection
  • Thermostat and 20 PSI main air connections for 1/4" diameter tubing
  • Multipoint center averaging inlet velocity sensor
  • Units equipped with the Titus II velocity controller can either be direct acting or reverse acting, with the damper either normally open or normally closed
  • Controller maintains constant span and start point (Span and start point are adjustable)