Steel low airflow plaque face diffuser for use in architectural ceilings
The Titus TJD is a diffuser designed for low airflow applications. The TJD provides performance, comfort and aesthetics with its steel plaque face that provides an architectural appearance. Its strong, clean, unobtrusive lines harmonize with the ceiling system without sacrificing performance. The curvature of the TJD back pan works with the formed edges of the face panel to deliver a uniform 360 degree horizontal air pattern, without excessive noise or pressure drop. It is an excellent selection for variable air volume systems and DOAS systems. Patent No.: US 10,871,304 B2
  • Scores a 100 ADPI rating using airflow rates that would cause conventional diffusers to dump
  • Effective throw pattern will “Roll the room” at flow rates down to 0.06 cfm/sq ft
  • Perfect for use with decoupled heating/cooling devices when minimum ventilation is less than 75 cfm
  • Pair with small ERV to provide DOAS to spaces requiring Demand Control Ventilation rather than use main AHU and outside dampers
  • Eliminate the need for excessive air and reheating to maintain comfort in applications such as health care exam and consultation rooms